Film Producers' Indemnity

Your insurance cover to encompass surprises, those unexpected twists and turns in your production. You know...the ones that only an insurance underwriter who knows your industry would be ready for. An underwriter called KEU.

At KEU, we offer Film and Commercial Producers' Indemnity that encompasses all the important elements and risks so that you can focus squarely on your production. We have developed our products over many years of focusing exclusively on your needs and we are constantly updating them.

Productions recently insured by KEU:

  • Masterchef
  • Ultimate Braai Master
  • Big Brother Africa
  • Fear Factor
  • Faan se Trein
  • Rhythm City

KEU's product covers:

Nominated Key Cast & Crew

The cast and crew are crucial to the smooth running of your production. Sometimes things just go wrong. When this happens, you need to know that your insurance company has you covered. Of course there are exclusions, but you can rest easy knowing that extra costs caused by the death or disability of cast and crew will be covered by KEU.

Negative film, Digital Media & faulty processing

Shooting has wrapped and you are putting the finishing touches to your production masterpiece. Then disaster strikes and the raw footage is no longer usable or can no longer be accessed.

We know these things happen no matter how careful you are, so the cover from KEU Underwriting Managers includes possible extra expenses while you are re-shooting or recording. The bottom line is that if you have chosen our cover, you can rest easy.

Props, sets & wardrobes

The audience hardly notices them individually, but creating the perfect mix of props, sets and wardrobes for your production is a fine art. You need to know that your insurance cover includes all these supporting acts, whether you own them or not. KEU's kaleidoscope of insurance products has been developed just for your industry and we update them to keep abreast of new trends.

Hired-in Equipment

Typically a production company owns a certain amount of equipment and hires additional equipment to the meet specific needs of each production. Specialised insurance offered by KEU covers various types of equipment used in your filmmaking process and production.

Third party property damage

Things can get out of control pretty quickly on a set when things go wrong. KEU Underwriting Managers cover the costs for which the production company is legally liable if the production goes pear-shaped enough to destroy other people's property.

Extra Expenses

KEU has thought of all the important details to make sure that you are fully covered by a product designed specifically to meet your needs. Should you suffer damage or lose equipment or props, you need to know that you are covered for the extra costs you incur to complete the photography. Without it, your production could be in jeopardy.

Business property & office contents of your company

The home of your production company is important to insure against loss or damage, given that you often keep electrical data processing equipment. And if you make improvements to temporary premises that you do not own, KEU's cover protects you against loss or damage too.

Employer's Liability

The people you employ need to be covered so that you do not have to be concerned about costs and expenses should they be injured, fall ill or die during the production which happens as a result of your negligence.

Public Liability

Along the same lines as third party property damage cover, KEU has included public liability cover to provide against death and bodily injury for which the production company is legally liable. This does not cover cast and crew, which is separately specified.

Money & Securities

Applicable mainly to film productions, KEU's coverage ensures that you can recover from the loss, damage or destruction of money or securities that are needed for your production.

Motor Vehicles

You may have rented vehicles for the use of your production staff, for use in stunts or as props. KEU's product covers loss, damage or destruction of these vehicles, with the exception of vehicles that are owned by the production company.

Personal Accident

An easy way to buy peace of mind should any of your cast or crew members are involved in an accident. Limits can be chosen to fall in line with the type of production, contractual limits or possible loss of income suffered from the individual.