Film Cancellation

Why take any chances on events that could be cancelled, abandoned or postponed when they entail hours of labour, effort and money? It would have a tremendous financial impact if something goes wrong, and this will fall on the shoulders of the producer or agency.

In order for the cover to apply, the shoot must either be cancelled, abandoned or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the insured. Examples of this are:

  • Damage to the venue.
  • Breakdown of technical equipment.
  • Government intervention such as national mourning.
  • Labour,social and political disturbance or Riot and Strike.
  • Non-appearance of the main artist. This could include a performing animal and the animal wrangler.
  • Adverse weather. Please note that cover for this extension must be bound 14 (fourteen) days prior to inception of the policy.

Main exclusions to be noted:

  • The usual war and nuclear exclusions.
  • Threat of terrorism.
  • Poor attendance or lack of attendance or participation – particularly suited to ticket-sale events. Financial failure and credit risks.

What amount should you insure the event for?

The shoot is insured against the non-recoverable expense budget. This can include the venue hire, equipment hire and casting cost. The same expense budget as used by the insured will be used for underwriting purposes. As the budget is a work in progress, always ensure that the final version is given to us prior to the event.

What is paid in the event of a claim?

If the cancellation takes place prior to the shoot, the costs incurred up to the time of the cancellation or due date thereafter (in accordance with existing written agreements) as well as the costs of revoking any agreements already entered into, will be paid. In the case of abandonment during the course of a shoot, the costs incurred in reorganising the shoot will be paid. Only amounts declared in the budget at inception will be taken into consideration.