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Legislation highlights the need for proper liability cover for event organisers.

Equipment All Risk covers the physical loss or damage to owned film, photographic or music equipment used in the film and
entertainment business.


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If you are looking for insurance for your film or event, KEU is the right partner for you. We are underwriting managers who know what you need because we have been offering a kaleidoscope of insurance cover just for the entertainment industry for years.

You need flexibility from your insurance underwriter but you also need it to be rooted in a solid foundation. KEU adheres to Treating Customers Fairly and will also ensure that all policyholders information are kept confidential and secured.

You need insurance to cover your event, exhibition, equipment, film or commercial, or even that almost impossible prize that may just be won. Make yourself worthy of a standing ovation and contact us today.

Industry Update - April 2020

As another hard, yet necessary, announcement hits South Africans we start wondering if the changes that have been taking place during March and April 2020 will make us or break us.

The entertainment industry in South Africa is an intimate industry, where everyone knows everyone. At KEU we were at the forefront of some of the implications when the first announcement was made to ban all large gatherings and the devastating affect it had on our insureds.

Where possible we immediately proceeded to endorse Event Liability and similar policies to postpone dates for events. Where that was not possible we refunded premiums for events that could not take place.

As premium finance companies would not allow payment holidays we proceeded to reduce the current equipment and drone All Risk cover to Fire and Theft to assist with the financial burden for some of our freelancers, DJ’s, hiring companies etc. In some unfortunate cases we had to cancel policies and in return refunded the premiums. We assisted our Film clients by keeping them insured during the hiatus period for no additional or very limited premiums.

In terms of claims, for our fortunate insured's who had Event Cancellation policies in place prior to the Covid-19 exclusion, we are currently assisting in finalising interim reports and claim payments for events that were cancelled or postponed.

In these trying times it does get difficult sometimes to stay positive. However it is times like these that define us, shape us and make us the supernovas which we are.

Specialising in entertainment insurance, it is absolutely heart-breaking to have to cancel policies for industry leaders who have been operating for years. This is not the end. Just like the Banksia seed we sometimes need a disaster like a fire in order for us to survive and grow.

The Entertainment Industry is currently working on very interesting and creative ideas during lockdown and KEU will be ready to assist with underwriting solutions.

Remember if you can dream it we can insure it. By securing our safety, Lock down has only limited our traveling ability (and perhaps some bad habits) but it could never stop us from evolving and dreaming.

Should you require any further assistance with your current policies, or want some additional information on future policies please contact our underwriters on either email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (083-454-6080 ) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (083-234-2242)

The Company We Keep

For years of stellar performance, KEU has been delivering tailor-made insurance solutions to the film, television, events and entertainment industries. KEU is proud to present the movies and events we have insured.

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Potentially costly headache averted at surfing competition

In 2007, two teenagers hid away underneath some scaffolding at a surfing competition. The wind picked up and an advertising board which was not properly fastened fell onto the scaffolding, resulting in head injuries for the youngsters.

Luckily the event organiser had taken out KEU event liability cover for the festival and this potentially tragic and costly accident was covered with no fuss.