Film Producers' Indemnity

Your insurance cover to encompass surprises, those unexpected twists and turns in your production. You know...the ones that only an insurance underwriter who knows your industry would be ready for. An underwriter called KEU.

At KEU, we offer Film and Commercial Producers' Indemnity that encompasses all the important elements and risks so that you can focus squarely on your production. We have developed our products over many years of focusing exclusively on your needs and we are constantly updating them.

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Event Liability and Cancellation

At KEU, we have a clear understanding that every event is unique, and special to you. Our event insurance policies have been developed with the benefit of long term experience as underwriting managers focused on your industry.

As an event organiser, you have probably identified the need for insurance cover for your event, because no matter the size of your event or how well prepared you are, you never know when the worst-case scenario could become your reality.

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Prize Indemnity

You are involved in a competition that rewards sporting achievements, a display of dexterity or pure good luck. Prizes could be cash prizes to articles of value ranging from new cars or new golf clubs.

KEU has developed Prize Indemnity insurance for both sports contests with active participants and chance wins by non-participants. Over the years of servicing this niche market, our product encompasses the right cover to ensure that you can hand over the prizes on offer.

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Equipment All Risk

Your event typically requires equipment to help you realise your vision for the exhibition, conference or function.

KEU's Equipment Insurance ensures that all your hours of painstaking effort will not go to waste should your equipment be lost or damaged during the event.

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Risk Management

In its purest form, risk management is the identification, classification and prioritization of risks. This is generally done in tandem with efforts to monitor, control and mitigate the risks.

Risks themselves can be from factors internal to the project, such as the adoption of a new technology, team members that are new to the project manager, or resource constraints and internal dependencies. Additionally, risks can also be external, such as competitive pressures, legal liabilities and accidents.

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